Foam Program

We at Sirius Technologies focus beyond tool storage. We build tool organizers for people who use and rely on their tools. It's not about getting the most tools in the box, but getting the most out of your tools.

We cut Organizers / foam using high quality CNC laser Equipments. The foam is tear resistant, does not absorb liquids and is resistant to most fuels and oils. The layers are chemically bonded for maximum durability.

Features and Benefits

We believe the tools in your toolbox should be easy to find, easy to remove, and easy to put away.

With a Foam Program organizer

To find and put the tools faster.

Tells what's missing at a glance.

Tool-shaped cutouts provide visualclues when returning tools.

Anyone can put the tools in the correct place.

Prevents tools from rolling and sliding in a closed drawer.

Protects expensive tools from damages.

Contrasting colors of chemically bonded foam to prevent tools romb sliding under the organizer.

A place for every tool so you can find them easily

No extra places, so missing tools are obvious

Durable, chemically-resistant closed-cell polyethylene tool foam

Contrasting colors of thermally bonded foam to prevent tools from sliding under the organizer

Padded Protection For Precision Tools.

Foam Program Tools
Foam Program Tools
Foam Program Tools
Foam Program Tools
Foam Program Tools
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