With seventy years of experience in Airframe tooling, we have every imaginable tool when it comes to Drilling, Countersinking, Riveting and Bucking procedures. When you need the right answer on Airframe maintenance and repair tools, we’re unmatched in the market place. And if we don’t have the right answer in stock, we have a full service staff of experts who can create a custom tool solution made to your specific needs that will have you covered.

Precision Air Frame Tooling
Precision Air Frame Tooling
Precision Air Frame Tooling

Aluminum Preparation and Maintenance Tools

Sheet Metal Edge Breakers / Burnishing Tools

Various Sheet Holders and Sheet Holder

Pliers Carbide Burrs

Aluminum Hole Fabrication / Drill Attachments

Flat Head Offset Drill Attachments (Pancake Drill Attachments)

Angle Drill Attachments

Drill Guide Housings, Bushings and Assemblies. Drill Bushing Kit

Threaded Drills and Adaptors / Drill Stops

Nut Plate Drill Jigs

Hole Saws and Arbors

Aircraft Cable Swaging

Portable Cable Swagger Kit

Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cable Swaggers

Swaging Die Sets

Pull Testers & Pull Tester Calibration Kits

Pull Tester Replacement Copper Jaws

Shop Tools and Accessories

Carbide Deburring Blades – Digital Protractor – Turnbuckle Wrench

Mina-Vac’s – Mina-Vac Replacement Components

Cannon Plug Pliers – Cannon Plug Pliers Replacement Jaws

Speed Drivers – Deburring Tool & Cutters

Valve Core Removal Tool

Hole Duplication

Duplicating Punches

Strap Duplicators (three basic styles and two lengths)

Chip Chasers (disposable and replaceable blade type)

Torque Tools

Ratcheting Tube Wrench Heads on Pre-Set Clicker Torque Wrench

800 Newton Meter Fixed Head Torque Wrench

Microstops/Countersinks/Counterbores/ Back Countersinks & Spotfacers

Microstop/Countersink Kit


Kit Sheet Metal Mechanics Kit


Nylon Inserts (replacement tips) Threaded

Shank Countersinks (Integral pilot, Replaceable Pilot, HSS,
Carbide Tipped and Briles Type)

Countersink Pilots

Extensions for both Countersinks and Counterbores Aircraft

Style Counterbores and Pilots

Back Spotfacer/Pilot Kit

Back Countersink/Pilot Kit

Back Spotfacers and Back Countersinks

Pilots for Back Spotfacers and Back Countersinks

Sioux Brand Air Tools

Pistol Grip Drills

Rivet Guns

90 and 45 degree Angle Drills

Sealant Removal Gun Kit

Die Grinders

Cut-off Grinder

Nibbler/Shear, Pneumatic, Pistol Grip

Rivet Shavers and Cutters

Rivet Shaver Kit & replacement Skirts & Cutters

Threaded Shank Hi-Shear® Collar Removal Cutters

Huck Lockbolt® Removal, Pneumatic Chisel Type

Hi-Shear® Installation Tool (Jiffy® Extension)

Knock-out Punches, Pneumatic Type

Trauma Reducing Bucking Bar Kit

Bucking Bars and Bucking Bar Kits

Screw Removal Tool, Pneumatic Type and Hex Bit Adaptor

Other Products Available (not pictured in catalog)

Aluminum Preparation & Maintenance / Hole Fabrication &
Drill Attachments

Hole Duplication

Microstops/Countersinks/Counterbores/Back Countersinks &
Spotfacers Dimpling Aluminum

Fastener Installation Tools

Riveting Tools & Accessories / Bucking Bars

Aircraft Cable Swaging / Pull Tester and Accessories

Shop Tools and Accessories

Dimpling Aluminum

Dimple Die Kit and Dimple Dies

Fastener Installation Tools

Hi-Lok® Installation Kits, Roller Clutch Installation Wrenches

Hi-Lok® Removal Pliers

Hi-Lok® Ratchets

Torq-Set® and Hi-Torque® Insert Bits

Riveting Tools and Accessories

Rivet Guns and Rivet Gun/Set Kits

Retainer Springs and 90 Degree Angle Attachments

Rivet Sets (Cupped, Flush, Straight and Offset)

Rivet Set Extensions and Adaptors

Rivet Cutters and Rivet Grip Gauges

Pneumatic Rivet Squeezers

Power and Hand Riveter Tool Kits (Cherry Max®,MS & NAS Blind Rivets &
Lock bolts)

Hand Rivet Squeezers

Rivet Squeezer Sets and Rivet Squeezer Kit (3/16” Shank Diameter)

Threaded Shank Huck® Collar Removal Cutters

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