Bond Master Probes

Pitch-Catch Probes

Pitch-Catch Probes

Pitch-Catch probes are ideal to detect skin-to-core disbond in composite honeycomb.
The broadband probe crystals allow scanning over a wide range of composite thicknesses.

key features

Standard package includes instrument, Pelican style shipping case, manual, batteries and AC charger

Resonance and Pitch-catch

Auto-probe recognition and probe library

RF Impedance plane display mode

Time encoded bond profile display mode

Reference display mode

Alarm modes: Amplitude, Phase. Halo, square, ellipse ring gates

High speed swept frequency

Individually sizable 'ring' gates with alarms

Compatible with probes from other manufacturers

Splitscan and Splitview

Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) Probes

Mechanical Impedance Analysis (MIA) Probes

Mechanical Impedance Analysis probes are best to detect smaller skin-to-core disbond on composite honeycomb.
They are also a great tool to identify repaired (potted) areas.

key features

Ideal for honeycomb composite skin-to-core disbonds.

Works well to detect disbonds in crushed core conditions.

Sensitive to smaller defects.

Allows for easy identification of repaired (potted) areas over disbonds.

Suitable for continuous scanning.

Available in a variety of probe castings.

No couplant required.

Resonance Probes

Resonance Probes

Resonance method is ideal to detect delamination in composite laminates or inspect metal-to-metal bonding. Resonance probes come in various frequencies to accommodate the wide range of composite thicknesses and ply structure found in the industry.

key features

Ideal for detection of skin-to-skin disbonds (metal-to-metal)

Ideal for detection of delamination in composite

Phase analysis allows evaluation of defect location or part thickness

Detects corrosion between layers

Easily used a go/no-go method

Available in a range of probe frequencies to suit various thicknesses

Requires low-viscosity couplant

BondMaster Probe Kits

BondMaster Probe Kits

BondMaster probe kits feature common kits approved in various procedures and work instructions.

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