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Our Company

Precise Measurement Technologies is a professionally managed organization based out of Bangalore, India. The company was founded in August 2009 by professionals having over 20 years’ experience each in the domestic IT industry. Precise Measurement Technologies who visualized a highly promising growth potential in the Indian market in the field of Electronics Testers, Sensors, Test & Measurement Instrumentation.

The key area identified by Precise was the Mechanical probe station used to physically acquire signals from the internal nodes of a semiconductor device. Probe stations enable physical scientists and researchers to conduct fundamental science through convenient, repeatable measurements producing consistent results. Probe stations are versatile and flexible research platforms that can be used in dedicated applications or as multi-use community research assets.

Our Partnerships

Precise Measurement Technologies started off with a partnership with EVERBEING INTERNATIONAL INC, Taiwan. ( a probe station manufacturer, provides you with a complete and broad range of probing hardware. EB is proud to be your one-stop shopping for probing solutions. EB always maintain a large inventory of probing tips, tip holders, extension cables, triaxial/RF heads/adapters, micro positioners and microscopes.

Everbeing International Inc
GGB Industries Inc

Over the years, we have built as alliance with various leaders in this field such as GGB INDUSTRIES INC, USA ( the originator of the Pico probe ® line of microwave and oscilloscope probes, has served the on-wafer probing needs of the worldwide semiconductor industry, beginning with a line of high impedance troubleshooting probes for diagnostic studies of the internal workings of complex logic and memory chips.

Also, we have been associated with TEKTRONIX, INC ( which is an American company best known for manufacturing test and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and video and mobile test protocol equipment.

Tektronix Inc

Other Solutions & Support

We have worked towards helping various educational institutes and educational organizations to develop and implement the complete setup of RF Prober with SMU.

It is our privilege to work with all the big institutes such as NIT, IIT, BITS, IISC  and many more.  As a result, today we are proud to have a customer base of over 150 customers and an installation of over 52 probe stations.

Precise Measurement Technologies has a well-trained support infrastructure at Bangalore and we provide complete support on the systems supplied by us, We have assisted customers in various activities such as system studies, integration and project developments. Our dependence on our principals is fairly low due to the technology understanding that our team has.

Our team is also regularly updated on the latest developments by our partners. Precise Measurement Technologies has been a part of various Nano science related seminars across the country and our members are regularly invited for giving lectures in this field.

Our Partners

Everbeing International Inc
GGB Industries Inc
Tektronix Inc